What Can Basement Replacement Experts Do for You?

For 16 years, the team at Basement Replacement Experts has brought their commercial grade know-how to vital home repair projects in Indianola, IA. You can trust us to repair, replace and maintain your basement and foundation to preserve your home’s long term value.

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Put your home on a solid foundation

Your foundation is an absolutely critical part of your home. Foundation cracks can lead to foundation failure, threatening your home’s basic structural integrity. Our team can repair and replace your foundation in Indianola, IA for long lasting durability.

Ready to replace?

Often times, the gradual effects of age can cause irreparable damage to your home’s basement. At this point it may be necessary to replace some or all of your basement’s walls in Indianola, IA. But don’t trust the job to just any contractor! We’ve got years of experience at completing this challenging critical task.

Brace ‘em to save ‘em!

Does it feel like your basement’s walls are closing in? Don’t worry! If your basement walls are bowing or buckling, our Force Basement Wall Braces will put them in their place. Designed by an engineer, these steel beams will permanently stabilize your basement walls in Indianola, IA.

Keep the water out!

The Water Trek Waterproofing System will pump water away from the house to save your Indianola, IA home’s floor and foundation. This system comes with a lifetime warranty.

Already under water?

Is your Indianola, IA basement flooded? Our team has the equipment needed to help you recover from the flood, including:

• The Water Grabber Bulldog Sump Pump
• The battery-powered Stallion Eliminator
• Other top notch, professional sump pumps

Stop cracks before they can grow

Are the cracks in your basement growing? Our team uses the Techni-Crack product and a three step process to repair and protect your basement walls in Indianola, IA.