Basement Wall Replacement

Replace Your Basement’s Foundation Walls

Are your basement walls deteriorating or bowing? Is there a large crack across the wall? While some walls can be fixed through repairs and reinforcement, years of soil pressure, age, and other contributing factors may push your walls beyond repair. If one or more of your walls is severely damaged and needs to be replaced, you can count on the journeymen masons at Basement RX. We know that replacing the structure underneath your home may sound stressful, but our experienced team will make it a smooth process to get your basement back to a safer, more usable space.

Our Wall Replacement Process

Determining Whether You Need Your Walls Replaced

Before we start, one of our basement experts will visit your home to examine your basement’s structure and determine whether a replacement is necessary. If your basement walls need to be replaced, we’ll give you an estimate on how much that will cost, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Starting the Replacement Process

To start the process, we first support your house with heavy-duty shoring posts to hold your house while we do our work. We excavate approximately 24 inches along the wall we are working on along the outside of the wall. If excavation is not possible due to obstruction, we hand excavate from inside the basement. We’ll then demo the wall and haul off all the debris and any extra soil.