Comprehensive Basement Replacement Services

Des Moines-Area Basement Wall and Foundation Repair & Replacement Services

You might already have a go-to contractor for home improvement projects, but it takes a special skill set to work on basement walls and foundations. If you’re having issues with your basement or want to make some safety upgrades, trust the professionals at Basement Replacement Experts. We don’t mess around when it comes to the structural integrity of your home, which starts with a solid foundation in your basement. We offer comprehensive services, from basement wall replacement to foundation repair, egress window installation, and more.

Basement Wall Replacement

When your basement walls are beyond repair, it’s time for a basement wall replacement. Oftentimes, even with repairs, the gradual effects of age can cause irreparable damage to your basement walls. We’ll have a masonry expert inspect your basement walls, and if a replacement is needed, you can trust the pros at Basement RX.

Egress Window Installation

Did you know that if you have a bedroom in your basement, local and national building codes require you to have a basement window that is the proper size for a safe escape? Egress windows not only provide a great source of natural light in your basement, but they also offer a convenient escape route in case of an emergency. Because egress window installation involves your basement walls, it’s best to have a masonry pro perform the installation.